Food & Beverage


Food & Beverages

Yuki Mugi Bakery was launched to initiate and promote the emergence of authentic Japanese bakeries in Myanmar.

Yuki Mugi means delicate flour amidst snow in Japan. The introduction and sales of Yuki Mugi Bakery will be started with true and authentic Japanese quality taste by means of quality baking methods and also by the caring and close advices of Mr.Takuya Kishimoto who is a successful bakery producer and Chairman of Japan Bakery Marketing Co., Ltd.

Available Main Items

Main items available at Yuki Mugi are a very famous true and authentic Japanese taste Toast Bread and Banana Bread and other bread varieties, sandwich, croissant and Danish, etc. in over (30) different items, coffee and tea.

Most Popular Items

Yuki Mugi is mainly famous for it’s freshly baked and most delicious croissant and everyone usuallys name it “The Best Croissant in Town’. Also it has japanese signature toast bread with various taste and many people prefer to buy more.

All breads at Yuki Mugi Bakery are made by using clean and fresh flour and ingredients, hygienically processed in same formulation developed by Mr.Takuya Kishimoto to the real Japanese classic taste of flour in the snowflake.

Yuki Mugi Bakery is the very first step in the F&B industry with a future extension plans for high quality products.

Yuki Mugi Bakery, a nice meeting venue for business people because of its beautiful and magnificent decorations as well as calm and quiet atmosphere, a relaxation spot for young people, a happy outlet for family with their kids, a casual rendezvous for loving friends and couples and an alternate study place for scholars, will be opened at Shop No.28, No.7/A-8/A, Central Boulevard, Kaba Aye Pagoda Road commencing 21st January 2020 (from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00p.m.)

See you very soon at Yuki Mugi. 🙂