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Greetings, adventurer, and welcome to the Earth Group of Companies Recruitment program.

Earth Group of Companies Recruitment Board welcomes its prospective candidates for enrollment into Earth Group of Companies. We wish all the selected candidates a bright and professionally rewarding career in Earth Group of Companies.

It is our desire to have every employee succeed in their job and build a career.
List below are positives within the subsidiaries company of Earth Group of Companies. for which the Human Resources Development are currently need.

Job opportunity (Local Service only) Upper Myanmar

We are looking highly motivated, energetic, well experience & result oriented candidate for the following positions for our new Project;


Qualifications needed

  • At least 3 Years experience in Microfinance field.
  • Age : under 40 years old.
  • Education: Any Graduate , management or related diploma.
  • To be good management skill and communication skill ,train and collaborate with other staff and client.
  • Able to apply regulation and discipline.
  • Good Myanmar and English written and spoken language skills.
  • To be honest , transparency , take responsibility.

Location and Company

Earth Group of Companies

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